April 10, 2017
Accessories are here!

Did you hear the exciting news? ShoeBrats is no longer just a place where you can find all of the hottest heels, boots and flats! We are now selling the trendiest accessories! We have comprised a list of a few of our favorite new accessories below, including how we would style them and where to rock them at!

Cascade Stretch Bracelet, $9.99

The Cascade Stretch Bracelet is sparkling perfection! This bracelet is perfect for date night or girls night with your favorites! Feeling extra stylish? Try slipping it around your ankle! It's the perfect addition to your favorite ShoeBrats heel or flats! It is available in rose gold, gold and silver. 

Flower Choker, $9.99

We all know chokers are the hottest trend of the season! They are perfect when paired with anything from a sweater and jeans to a red hot body-con dress! We love this design It's available in black, gray, light brown and blue. 

Fashion Choker, $8.75

Our fashion choker is proof that less is more! The leather band features a unique circle detail right in the front of the necklace. We promise that it is guaranteed to be your go-to accessory for the rest of the year! It's just too easy to wear!

Skull & Stone Accent Knuckle Clutch, $19

You had me at skull & stone! This stunning clutch is perfect for the girl who loves to show off her bold style! This clutch features a knuckle clasp adorned with pink, gold and silver gems along with a rhinestoned skull! The beige color is perfect for pairing with a black cocktail dress and can easily match gold or silver jewelry. 

You Got It Stud Clutch, $19

Our You Got It Stud clutch is here to make a statement! This stunning style adds the perfect touch of attitude to any look. Pair it with some dark skinny jeans with an off the shoulder top for the perfect rock-glam look!


Crystal Stone and Pearl Earrings, $9.99

Hello gorgeous! These earrings are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any look. The large pearl earrings are accompanied buy a gorgeous dangling array of rhinestones. Wear them to work or to a wedding! These earrings have no limits!


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