December 14, 2016
Hottest Holiday Trends

It's official, we're less than two weeks away from Christmas! It's hard to believe how quick it comes and goes every year. This post is geared towards those of you out there searching for the hottest holiday trends! From make up and dresses, to shoes and nail polish, you've come to the right place. 


1) Glitter Eyeliner 

Forget glitter eyeshadow, it's all about the glitter eyeliner! It is a fun and sexy way to add a pop of excitement to your makeup game. Although, you must be sure to keep the rest of your face very simplistic. Simple contouring and a nude blush would be perfect. If you are rocking a glittery eyeliner then no bright red or pink lip colors! Nobody wants to look like a clown! 

2) Silk Party Dress

Fashion has evolved so much. What once would've been considered only a slip dress is now becoming the main attraction. This dress has the three S's we're looking for at a holiday party. What are the three S's you ask? Silk, silver, and sexy! This dress is from Zara, one of our favorite clothing retailers here at ShoeBrats.

3) Wine-Colored Makeup

When you think of the holidays what automatically comes to mind? Christmas trees and Santa Claus? Lighting the menorah? Baking cookies? Here at ShoeBrats we think wine! No not that kind of wine, the color! (Well a little bit of both!) The color is perfect to go on not only your nails, but your lips as well!

4) Bold Ankle Boots

Not only are ankle boots chic and fabulous, they are also a really great way to spice up your wardrobe! Our Zoe boots (pictured below) are available in both peacock and gold and are absolutely stunning! The bold heel is the cherry on top of this perfect shoe. Pair them with anything from a fancy maxi dress to a pair of black jeans for the ultimate cool-girl look.

5) Emerald Hair

We know what you're thinking! "I don't want green hair!!" Well it isn't like that, we promise! Tell your hairdresser you want subtle streaks of green. It's super wearable and still festive! It is also sure to make you stand out from the crowd.  

Image via // Popsugar



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