January 09, 2017
How to bring your own style into the workplace

Bringing your own style into the workplace can be challenging. No matter how much you love your 9-5 job, it can be difficult incorporating your own sense of style into your work look. But fear not, it definitely isn't impossible! We've included some tips below to help you look and feel like the best YOU at work!

1) Statement jewelry = major key!

Statement jewelry is an easy way to show your individuality. Whether it's a bold necklace like the Topshop crystal necklace above, or a flashy earring, statement jewels are a great way to let the real you shine. 

2) Your Shoes... duh!


Wearing a unique shoe is a great way to make you stand out. Whether it's a spiky heel, or a thigh-high boot. You could even show off your style with a super sassy pair of booties like our Erin's, also available in black! They are made of a stretch-knit fabric and 4.5 inches tall. 


3) Add a pop of color!

I know how easy it is to stick to the basic black and white wardrobe for work, but change it up! Throw in a bright blue blouse or a red blazer like the one pictured above from Express. It will make your look way more exciting! After-all, you probably stare at enough black and white on your computer all day! 

4) Don't be afraid of prints!


We've all heard that scary word.. prints! But there is no need to be afraid! If you are more of a minimalist, try adding a simple printed trouser like the one above on the left from Asos. It's beautiful floral print isn't too bold, any can be easily incorporated into any look. Now if you're feeling extremely confident and are a fearless kind of girl, try rocking a printed pantsuit from head to toe! The one on the above right from Asos is a killer way to make a fashion statement in your office!

5) Have fun with your bag!

While this may be the last on this list, it certainly isn't the least important! A fun and flirty purse is an excellent way to show off your chic style. Your bag is really just an extension of you, so a good bag is imperative to fabulous style. Although, it is important to keep in mind that it needs to be functional! The Kate Spade boom box bag pictured above is a fun and useful bag to take to the office!

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