January 11, 2017
How to pack for a weekend getaway

We all know how great the feeling is when Friday rolls around! You work hard all week and deserve a weekend getaway. But with getting away comes the hassle of packing! You always want to make sure you have enough, but you don't want to deal with dragging around too much luggage. We're here to make the packing aspect of a weekend getaway a lot easier. Follow our tips below and you're sure to have a great time while still staying fabulously you!


1) Pack light!

Whether you are heading for a glamorous weekend in the city or a low-key affair at the beach, you don't want to over-pack. Baggage fees these days are expensive! The last thing you want is to start racking up expenses before you even get to your location. If you are opting for a road-trip instead of flying, the odds of having enough space for multiple suitcases are still slim-to-none. You also don't want to be that annoying friend that takes up all the space with you stuff! Long car rides can easily get cramped,  

2) Always check the weather

It is imperative to always check the weather of your location before you get there. You don't want to think you are heading for a beautiful weekend in Miami, only to arrive and find out there is a cool-front coming through with 90% chance of rain and all you brought is bikinis! We aren't saying cancel your trip by any means if this is the case, just be sure to pack appropriately! 

3) Make sure your shoes make sense

There is absolutely no point in bringing your favorite 5 inch pair of stilettos to a weekend skiing in Aspen. The perfect shoe for a weekend in the snow would be our our Sammie boots pictured above! So icy, so chic! They are super comfortable and easy to wear, and you still will make a fashion statement. 

4) Roll your clothes, don't fold!


According to USA Today, "Tightly rolling clothes into compact pieces allows for much tighter packing that fits more items into the suitcase". They also go on to state that it is likely to cut down on creases! More room for stuff and less wrinkles?! Sign us up for the rolling method! We also prefer the rolling method because it is easier to keep things organized. You can roll each outfit into their own section. For example, you can roll your dress, jacket, and accessories all into a section which will make getting ready a piece of cake!

5) Pick your luggage wisely

(image via TheBlondeSalad

It is important to pick your luggage incredibly wisely! You do not want to pick a bag that is super small becaues you will be cramming your items in and it will probably break! Pick something large enough to hold all of your items comfortably. We are obsessed with this Samsonite X Chiara Ferragni bag pictured above! Our favorite luggage is always hard shell because your items are far more likely to be protected. The super cute design on the outside doesn't hurt either!

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