December 05, 2016
Must-have Beauty Products under $10

In the days of $100 contour kits, $30 nail polishes, and $45 lipsticks, it's hard to even imagine that you can find amazing beauty products under ten dollars. But fear not, it's true! ShoeBrats is here to help point you in the right direction when it comes to affordable, amazing beauty products. Check out our list below, and comment some of your favorite beauty products under $10!

1) CoverGirl - Eyeshadows:

Shimmery, glossy, sexy, eye-shadow, do we have your attention yet? They say that eyes are the window to your soul so why wouldn't you want to highlight them and make them absolutely fabulous?! You can get their entire trunaked nude collection for just under $10! Yes, really! 8 amazing shades that match every skin-tone for such an affordable price. The shadows work great on skin colors, and don't be afraid to use 3, 4, or even 5 shades at a time. The more mixing and matching you do, the more unique you'll be. So don't be afraid to be bold with your eyeshadow!


2) L'Oréal - Mascara 

Mascara is my personal favorite makeup must-have. It is a go-to essential for all of us lazy girls who like to get as much sleep as possible in the morning! Mascara is truly the easiest way to brighten up your face. Try L'Oréal's voluminous false fiber lashes black lacquer mascara for just over $7 at Target! It not only plumps up and darkens your lashes, but it also lengthens them and helps them grow. 

3) Essie - Nail Polish

Essie's nail polish collections just seem to always capture the colors of each season. From dazzling reds and polished purples, to bold blues and sexy neutral tones, they have it all. The smooth texture of Essie mixed with it's ability to stay on much longer than other nail polish brands under $10 make it a standout for us. Our favorite color from Essie this season is Bordeaux! The best part about it is that it is really beautiful, quality nail polish for only $9! 

4) EOS - Lip balm 

While EOS lip balm is the lowest priced item on this list, it might just be the most important! Nobody likes dealing with chapped lips during the winter. They are painful, a hassle, and they aren't too pretty to look at either. EOS moisturizes and softens your lips with an all-natural, gluten-free formula that smells amazing. They have tons of flavorful options, from strawberry sorbet to sweet mint. Their cute packaging is just the icing on the lip balm cake!


5) LUSH - Bath Bombs

Rounding out out must-have beauty products under $10 list is LUSH Cosmetics bath bombs! I'm sure you've seen the pretty pictures on Instagram and Twitter of people showing off how stunning their bath looks after dropping in one of LUSH's bath bombs, but they are not just for looks! LUSH's bath bombs are full of essential oils, flower petals, and other amazing ingredients. They all range from $6-$8 and are worth every penny spent. 



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