March 30, 2017
Our fave nail art trends!

We at ShoeBrats are obsessed with having a flawless manicure! From bright colors to subtle hues, we love them all. We've comprised a list of our favorite nail polishes and nail art trends to get your ready for April! Comment below and let us know what your favorite nail polish trend is!

1) OPI - Coral Reef

(Image via

This nail art was featured in OPI's special nail art gallery, so you know it's gotta be good! We love the shiny pink look with the glossy grey details. It is perfect for the girl who is headed out to a healthy brunch with her best friends and hitting the bottomless mimosas afterwards! The best part about this nail look is that you only need two colors! This YouTube video shows you how to achieve this look perfectly!

2) Essie - Ombre Waves

(Image via

We are absolutely obsessed with this look from Essie! It is perfect for a beach getaway and will make you the nail-envy of all your friends! These shades of blue can't help but make us think of how fabulous this would look as a pedicure in our Bella heels! The color polishes featured in this look are Find Me an Oasis, Beach Bum Blu, Aruba Blue and Blanc. This how-to video teaches you how to nail this look! (No pun intended!)

3) In The Mood

This polish is every lazy girl's (who loves beauty) dream! It is called In the Mood and changes color when heated to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go outside on a hot day, run your hands under warm water, or get in a hot tub it is guaranteed to change! They have a variation of colors, but our favorite is the "Hyper" polish, pictured above. It goes from a bright salmon color to a subtle peach. So chic! Check out this video if you're interested in diving in a little deeper on how it works. 

4) L'Oreal - Stickers

Okay, we get it! Sometimes painting your nails just isn't an option. Maybe you're in a rush and still want a super upscale manicure. Or maybe you just aren't very good at painting your nails! (Hey, if you're a righty, painting with that left hand can be no bueno!) Whatever the case may be, these L'Oreal color rich nail art strips are perfect for you! Simply peel, put on your nails, and cut off the excess sticker. Easy right?! We love this pattern called "Chic Python" because it is such a beautiful design with a unique texture!

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