January 25, 2017
Places to see in 2017

We all know traveling is a great life experience. It educates you to become more culturally aware, helps you to become more open-minded, and it's a major bonus that you get to see beautiful places! Did you know that studies show traveling can actually be good for your health? According to the website Matador Network, there are scientific facts that prove just how good traveling really is for you. A few of the facts they mention are about how travel lowers stress levels, improves brain health, decreases your risk of heart disease and boosts your immune system significantly. We've compiled a list of the top 4 places you should try and see this year! We know you probably can't make a trip to all of them, but try to go to at least one! 

1) Paris, France

Yes, Paris! Or as the French say, Oui! Paris is definitely the center of culture and fashion in Europe. Paris has everything you could possibly want and more. From the phenomenal shopping and fashion to the incredible food and wine, there is something for everyone in Paris. A must when in Paris is to explore the culture! Visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa along with tons of other incredible artwork. You already know about The Eiffel Tower, but you must also experience The Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame, and the great Gothic Cathedral. Paris truly is the place for once in a lifetime exposure to history. 

2) Veracruz, Mexico

We know, when you saw Mexico on this list you were expecting the typical Cozumel or Cancun mention. Veracruz is a Mexican state with a huge variety of different climates. The coastal area is often known for its amazing seafood dishes. Travel + Leisure states that Veracruz has "...a 12-mile stretch of beach free of crowds and lush with vegetation". No crowds and beautiful beaches? Sounds like our idea of Heaven! The state is also rich in history with a melting-pot of different cultures still inhabiting the state today. 

3) Madagascar

Did you know that almost 75% of species found on the island of Madagascar don't live anywhere else in the world? How cool is that! Madagascar is located off of the southeast coast of Africa and is absolutely massive. You can also find everything from deserts to lagoons on the island. It is also incredibly diverse! Africa Geographic states that "The 22 million inhabitants of the island are a mix of African, Arab and Indian origin and make up the Malagasy ethnic groups. A supremely welcoming and warm pre-disposition makes travelling and interacting with locals a delight." I don't know about you, but we think Madagascar sounds like the perfect place to explore with your travel bestie!


4) Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Greece, and we can see why. It's stunning scenery and gorgeous weather makes it a must-have on your bucket list. When giving travel advice on Mykonos, Trip Advisor states, "Ski, jet-ski, windsurf, horseback ride, para-sail or just save up your energy for the evening ahead, like most of your fellow travelers in Mykonos." It's a party place for party people! When it comes to the food, be sure to try their local cheeses and fresh pastries that the Greeks do so well!


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