November 02, 2016
Should Men Wear High Heels?

No! I am not crazy. You heard it right. Should men wear high heels?

In the U.K., it's legitimate for women to feel as if they must wear heels to work. Truth is stranger than fiction, you could be compelled to stick your feet into high heels for no other explanation than your boss thinks they look better than flats. But, did you know that men sometimes wear high heels too?!

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While a majority of men still find it a completely torturous concept, other find it fascinating and love the look of wearing heels. We live in a society that is intensely based on male hegemony (i.e., male predominance over ladies). Subsequently, anything that has been socially geared towards ladies is considered emasculating.

A poll on touched on this topic and the result may surprise you. 65% of men voted yes to heels, while 35% voted no. Many of the yes voters said that they only wear heels in private because they know they are judged immediately in the outside world. Therefore, design patterns for men tend to be a great deal more unbending than they are for ladies.

35% of the opposite voters had various reasons as to why men should not wear heels. Reasons that appeared on the list included, "'s not masculine, they don't look good on them, and it makes men too tall." 

On the flip side, there are the 65% of men who said yes to wearing heels. These men unanimously seemed to just not care about the gender "norms". They felt that if you feel great, you look great, and you should wear whatever you want. 

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A man in the debate said:

"Why is it worthy for ladies to wear whatever they need to wear without question, yet if a man needs (or wants) to wear something that is historically viewed as 'ladylike' then there is a disgrace joined to it. I am a man who loves to wear skirts and dresses all the time since I discover it quite a lot more comfortable than wearing trousers, and I will search for shoes to match, be it heels or wedges."

Another man added:

"I wear heels regularly (as a drag Queen) yet I wouldn't set out to wear them in broad daylight because of the insults, assaults, and violent threats from individuals. We love to be little and shame individuals for things that don't influence us, I would love to wear heels (they are f*cking excellent) yet I just can't risk my security and pride."

So what does all of this mean? It seems to me that men are interested in wearing high heels, but it's the trend and judgment that seems to stop most of them. Men actually used to wear high heels back in ancient times, but now men just don't. It's all about fashion trends, and I have a feeling if Kanye West or Lebron James stepped out in a pair of pumps, it may just start a new trend. 

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  • Histiletto

    The wearing of high heels by men would have already become a common public occurrence, had the men that do actively wear heels in private or hidden by their long bootcut or wide legged jeans, presented physical evidence or gone on record in support for their proclivity. It’s a bit obvious that the strength of masculinity cowards when men choose to be human and follow the taste nature has given them the opportunity to experience in becoming more mature in their understandings of life. Women have already ceased many of the opportunities and their understandings and perspective are open to receive even more enlightenment, because they aren’t as limited to being confined as men are now. The longer men stay in the mentality of practicality and logic, the longer they can’t understand the total picture that includes thinking outside of their stereotypical box of rules and standards. The wearing of high heels is an individual’s choice, not a mandate for a certain group or class.

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