February 20, 2017
Spring Weddings

February is coming to an end which means Spring is right around the corner! We all know what the changing of seasons means, engagement season is over and wedding season is about to begin! We're sure you've already been invited to a few weddings, so it's never too early to start prepping the most important (and stressful) part of the whole thing, what the heck you are going to wear! Whether the wedding is on a beautiful beach, in a pretty garden, or a classic nighttime affair, we've got you covered!

1) Beach Nuptials

Is there anything better than getting an invitation in the mail for a wedding and realizing it is going to be on a beach? We don't think so! It's important to remember that a beach wedding is going to be warm and most-likely a little windy! Pair a gorgeous maxi like this detailed one from Boohoo with our Serena mules (available in both gold and rose gold). We suggest our mules because they are gorgeous (duh!) and because a chunky heel makes it much easier to walk in all the different sands and dirt you might be be trekking through!


2) Garden Party

The first thing that pops into our head when we think garden wedding is flowers! Lots and lots of flowers! Try a long-sleeved floral dress like the one below from Zara paired with our Erin booties in black. If it's a little warmer where you live, Zara has a ton more floral options that aren't long-sleeved. Another bonus about this look? Our Erin boots are made of a stretch-knit material that makes them SUPER comfy! Get ready to dance all night!


3) Classic Wedding

Is that church bells we hear ringing? If the two lovebirds are getting married in a more classic venue like a church, we've got the perfect look for you. We are a huge fan of the off the shoulder trend! After all, Glamour Magazine did name the off-the-shoulder trend as one of the most wearable trends of 2017! We are absolutely in love with this dress by Topshop and think the color pallet just screams Spring! Pair it with our beautiful Pandora pumps for a fun and unexpected twist!

4) Nighttime Affair

When it comes to a night wedding, it can be especially difficult to figure out what you are going to wear. It is important to remember that night weddings are usually a lot more formal than daytime weddings. We chose an embellished gown by Topshop featuring unique embroidered features and a rich material. Embellishments are a huge trend for 2017, and that's why we love this dress so much! The elegant cape-shape lends itself to be flattering on anyone's figure. Pair it with our classic Angel pumps and get ready to slay the evening! Bring on the champagne!  



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