September 18, 2017
Style your Birthstone, July to October!
As discussed in our previous blog post, your birthstone is a gemstone that represents the month that you were born. We've dedicated these blog posts to helping you incorporate your birthstone into everything from your accessories to makeup. Incorporating your gemstone into your everyday life is sure to give you good vibes all around!
Ruby is the gemstone for the month of July, and we have to say we love the bright shade of red! The top left features our favorite little red sandal here at! It's called the Gisele and is perfect for showing off your bratty side! To the right of our Gisele heel is our Long Tear Drop Post Earrings! The base is made of a nickel and lead compliant and the red color emulates that of a ruby. The sunglasses in the bottom left corner are a bold red pair by Alice + Olivia and we are absolutely loving how in your face they are! We can't forget about Selena Gomez in the bottom right corner who is a real-life July baby! Rock a pair of red lips like Selena to show off ruby tones in a cool-girl way.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for lime green! Peridot is the stone for the month of August and it has a signature lime green color making it one of the most unique gemstones. The first picture is a ring by Gemvara that features a rose gold band with peridot and diamond accents. The perfect and subtle way to show off your birthstone!  To the right is a NOT so subtle but still super fabulous way to show off your birthstone. Kylie Jenner is the queen of different color hair and she was born in August! We assume that's why she's rocking sassy lime green hair. In the bottom left is our Glass Stone Clutch. The clutch picks up several different colors but lime green always seems to be the most prominent! The bottom right is one of our absolute favorite polishes from Essie polish called "Mojito Madness" and available to purchase here. Not only is it cute, it makes us want a cocktail! 
September's gemstone is the always stunning sapphire. Sapphire can be found in a lot of different color variations including green and pink. However, sapphire is most commonly lusted after in a bright shade of blue. Lupita Nyong'o is pictured in a stunning shade of blue eyeshadow! We love how the blue really brings out her eyes and think we will see this trend all Fall long! To the right of Lupita is a pretty ring by CatbirdNYC. It features blue sapphire surrounded by a gold band and real diamonds. In the bottom left corner is a pair of sunglasses by Free People called "The Velvet Mirror" sunnies. We love the dramatic and sexy design! To the right of the is a Shoe Brats favorite, our Cait heels! The mesh cutout design is high fashion while the pump style keeps it comfortable!  
October's birthstone is opal. Opal is unique because it really can be any and every color! We love opal because it picks up so many different colors that it can be worn with pretty much every outfit! The top left is a stunning lab-created opal sterling silver ring by Kay that is super affordable. Underneath the ring is our Sabrina booties that are absolutely perfect for representing opal. The florescent material picks up all the colors around you and make for the perfect going out booties! The top right is a lip polish by Buxom available for purchase here. It's gorgeous tones adds the right amount of shimmer to your lips! The phone case in the bottom right corner is by Velvet Caviar and is called the "Blue Opal" phone case. It's pretty colors make your phone sure to stand out! 

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