July 27, 2017
Suns out, sunglasses on!

Finding sunglasses that fit your face perfectly can be a challenge! The most important first step is to identify your face shape. Square? Oval? Heart? Round? They are all beautiful! We've selected an expensive and affordable option for each face shape to help you find the sunglasses perfect for protecting your eyes this summer while staying fashionable!

1) Oval Face Shape

Queen Bey is one of the most famous ladies who has an oval shaped face. An oval face shape is typically longer than it is wide. Our pick for the oval face shape when it comes to sunglasses is anything over-sized! From circular to triangle, and cat-eye to rectangular, they will all fit your face perfectly. We selected these cat-eye sunglasses by Saint Laurent for the high option for the oval face shape. As for the low option, we chose some fun and funky colored sunnies from Free People. The Free People sunglasses are available in orange, red, yellow, black, violet, green, blue and pink. Talk about options!

Saint Laurent, $420

Free People, $30


2) Heart Shaped Face

Reese Witherspoon is one of the most well-known actresses with a heart shaped face. People with heart shaped faces have a wider forehead with high cheekbones. We recommend any style of aviators, round or oval, when it comes to your sunglasses. For the high option, we chose a stunning pair of sunnies in rose gold by Dior. For the low option, we went with a mirrored rose gold pair from Forever 21 that comes in just under $10! Now that's one heck of a deal!

Dior, $495

Forever 21, $7.90


3) Round Shaped Face

Selena Gomez is a mega-superstar with a round face shape. A round face shape is defined by full cheekbones with a narrow jaw and forehead. Sunglasses with large, wide frames look best on those with round faces. There are tons of options in both prices ranges out there, but we narrowed it down to our two favorites. For our high-end selection, we chose an over-sized pair by the always classic Prada. For the more affordable pair, we fell in love with these ultra-unique MELT sunglasses. 

Prada, $310

MELT, $28


4) Square Face Shape


Teyana Taylor is one of the stunning famous ladies who have a square shaped face. Those with square face shapes have a strong forehead and prominent jawline. If you have a square shaped face, it's always fun to bring in some symmetry with round, oval or cat-eye sunglasses. For our high in this category, we selected a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses by Fendi. On the low end, we went with an equally as gorgeous pair of sunglasses by Topshop

Fendi, $480

Topshop, $26

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